Dianna Clayton

Dianna Clayton

Zumba Instructor


Zumba License ZIN Member

About Coach

Hello, I'm Dianna! In my time as a licensed Zumba teacher, I have been blessed with the opportunity to combine the loves of my life into one electric experience that not only brings people together but allows everyone in the class to connect, let go and have fun! Creative expression is such a huge part of who I am and has allowed me to be active in choir, musicals, and dance. I developed an interest in fitness and found that Zumba brings all these beautiful things together, having tremendous results for people while they have fun and enjoy the experience of such productive body movement.

Turning Point

In 2019, after experiencing a decline in my health, I decided to get off the roller coaster ride and find a way to change my circumstance. It was my choice to move through my pain, grief, and frustration alongside the Lord that gave me the fortitude to see myself through new eyes. Eyes of gentleness and kindness that would then allow me to experience truth and authenticity in a profound way, never to settle for anything less again.

Motivation & Passion

My journey has allowed me to support and encourage others. I get to offer participants an experience to move and connect within themselves remembering who they are and the freedom they can have because of who the Lord created them to be. It is truly an honor to be the light the Lord has given me the opportunity to share with you. You will walk away feeling rejuvenated!

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